The Betrayal

I search your face for a connection.
A smile,
A simple understanding.
But, you move away.
Hidden in the reflection of your eyes,
I see anger and disdain.
I give you a questioning look.
I know you’re simply a stranger,
But you’re still my brother,
My sister,
My home.
The rule is unspoken.
The understanding known.
We should be connected.
To you and to me.
Connected through the darkness of our skin.
The melatonin bonds us together.
Bond us through our pain,
Our struggles,
And all of our sufferings.

You should be my brother,
My sister,
My aunty,
My uncle.
You should be my mentor,
My cheerleader,
All in all,
My number one fan.
Yet, this you turn away from.
This, you hideaway.
What makes you reject your culture?
What makes you mock your name?
What makes you despise your language?
Your people, your community, your home?
Can you look in the mirror?
Can you smile at the darkness of your skin?
Or does your own reflection, feel you with unspoken hate?
Do you feel the hatred, that you simply can’t explain?
Do you feel the fear, that you simply can’t push away?
Do you feel the anger, that you just simply cannot contain?
You turn away from the people that loves and respects you.
And those that accepts you.
You turn away from your community,
And all those who continue to guide you.
Instead, you side with the oppressor.
Instead, you sneer at your own.
Instead, you join in with taunts,
But the taunts are really at you.

Published by Iliana Ike

Passionate creative who likes to explore different art forms for expression, awareness and healing

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