Sickle is waking up everyday,
knowing that your body will betray you
Sickle is feeling ashamed for the defect in your
Sickle is telling your partner you feel fine, while
you ignore the sharp pain radiating in your
back, arms and legs
Sickle is getting dressed for work, while
your body is begging you to slow down, 
just to stop
Sickle is battling with employers not to sack you when
you fall ill for the fourth time in two months
Sickle is getting nine hours sleep, and waking up
exhausted with no energy to move
Sickle is lying in bed in pain, praying that you
won’t have to go to hospital again
Sickle is consoling friends and family when you fall ill, when
all you can think of is the pain taking over your body
Sickle is convincing healthcare staff that you 
deserve a hospital bed, despite physical appearances
Sickle is fighting doctors and nurses for medication 
and treatment, that you are entitled to
Sickle is getting up from your hospital bed, with a drip 
in tow, to find your nurse who you’ve been calling for two hours
for pain relief
Sickle is listening to doctors accuse you of 
drug-seeking, when all you want, is for the pain to stop
Sickle is fighting to keep your spirits high when all you want
to do is crawl up and die
Sickle is restarting your life every two months, after a bout of
excruciating illness, and still be expected to be on par with your peers
Sickle is watching your friends and family live their lives from the
restraints of your hospital bed
Sickle is losing your independence because you can no longer
manage by yourself without help
Sickle is downplaying your illness to partners and friends, so you
don’t scare them away
Sickle is fighting to stay alive, only to delay the 
suffering for just one more day
Sickle is knowing that one day, this disease will kill you, 
despite fighting for your life, 
all your life
Sickle is pain
Sickle is suffering
Don’t underestimate sickle 

Published by Iliana Ike

Passionate creative who likes to explore different art forms for expression, awareness and healing

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