Dressed in her long, fluffy, marshmallow pink dressing 
gown, she readied herself at her chestnut dressing table, 
ready to begin. She gathered her thoughts, while perched 
on her velvet covered stool, preparing her mind for the 
challenge that laid ahead. Today, was just like any other 
day for her, but she knew the challenges that she needed 
to face, and the battles that she needed to win. But right 
now, sitting there, and enjoying the luxurious feel of the 
buttery softness of the velvet on her skin, she knew she 
wasn’t strong enough, to face the day. Not quite yet.

She studied her small oval face in the reflection of the 
mirror, and instinctively, traced the dark circles underneath 
her eyes, the pigmentation on her cheeks, and the slight 
receding hairline on the crown of her head. The only signs 
of aging on her glistening skin, lay two small wrinkles 
dancing at the corner of her eyes. 

She opened her drawers and fingered the creams, lotions 
and serums that hid out of sight. One quick look back at her reflection and she knew where to begin. Carefully, she
pulled out her small tub of eye cream, conscious only to use 
a  pea-sized amount, and she dabbed it gently around the 
circumference of her eyes, caressing it, into her already 
soft skin. 

Satisfied, with the first layer of protection in place, she 
picked up the concealer and iceberg-white makeup sponge 
and smoothed it over every inch of her face, brushing away 
all the imperfections that threatened to penetrate her 
shield, with just one swift movement of the sponge. 

Picking up one of her many long-stemmed make-up 
brushes, she glided her favourite full coverage foundation 
gently across her primed face. As she finished, she admired 
her work, turning her head from side-to-side, tilting, 
cocking; making sure that every inch of her would be 
protected. Impenetrable. 

With a quick flick of her pink brush, she buffed golden 
bronzer across her puffy cheeks, like an artist with his 
paintbrush. Staring intently at her reflection, she wiped a 
slow smile off her face, as she realised, her camouflage 
could still be seen.

She picked up her jet-black eyeliner, and with one finger 
pulling her eyelids taut, she drew on lines of determination 
along the lengths of her eyelids. She was now ready for the 
magic brush. She picked it up and admired the luminous 
yellow tube that it lay in and carefully, she flicked the thick 
sticky liquid onto her eyelashes, gently pulling at the roots 
of her short hairs until it turned into beautiful butterfly 

As she finished, she looked at the warrior standing before 
her, invincible to what laid ahead, and a satisfied smile 
finally filled her face. She was ready now. 

Published by Iliana Ike

Passionate creative who likes to explore different art forms for expression, awareness and healing

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