I am the Iroko tree,
find me in the deep depths 
of the forest,
in the tropics of Africa,
with air so pure, and
roots so rich,
feel the spirits that 
hide within me.

I am the Iroko tree,
feel my power, with
branches of steel,
higher than God’s throne.

I am the Iroko tree,
feel my bark, 
taste tears of love and
desire, engraved in my
H I S T O R Y.

I am the Iroko tree,
see natives sing and laugh 
at my feet, with thanks
of answered prayers
written in their hearts.

I am the Iroko tree,
feel my unearthly powers,
so strong, they
pray for their deepest 
desires morning, 
noon and night.

I am the Iroko tree,
cut me down and 
feel my wrath. Shame
and misfortune will
surely fall on your
household, before 
the break of
morning light. Feel it for 
generations to come.

Awake. Awake. Iroko-man!
All powerful Spirit-God,
hear your people beg
for their dreams.
Awake, from deep inside.
Your people are
calling your name!

Iroko-man. Iroko-man.
Na be my name. Oya,
bow your head. Quick. Quick.
Say your prayers a-be. For
I be the Spirit God that
performs miracles for
a price na. What you
dash me? You dash
me sheep, goat? I take
Ankara cloth ooo. Wa,
wa, let me bless you.

Published by Iliana Ike

Passionate creative who likes to explore different art forms for expression, awareness and healing

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