The Bedroom of Love

Before I enter, I could feel it, engulfing me 
like a duvet on a bitter, winter’s night…from 
the deep, musky smell of
your cologne, a mixture of burnt oak and sweet 
vanilla notes, that I deeply inhale everytime you 
are close….from the calming notes of blues and 
reggae escaping from the stereo on your 
windowsill, drawing me in with every melody,
hypnotising me as I step closer and closer to 
the door….from the way the solid oak door feels on
my fingers, as I grasp the handle and twist, that
electrifying shivers running down the 
length of my spine, jerking me alive, as if for the 
very first time….from the way you look at me with 
those eyes of yours, eyes so dark, it passes for black,
I get lost in those eyes of yours, I see your thoughts 
before you speak them and yet you always surprise 
me with the things that you say; with the things that 
you do….from the way that you kiss me everytime I see 
you, you embrace me so tightly, refusing to let me go, 
fearful that someone will steal me at any given moment

Published by Iliana Ike

Passionate creative who likes to explore different art forms for expression, awareness and healing

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