Iliana Ike

Poetry Blogger_ Aspiring Travel Writer _ Sickle Cell Advocate _ Novice Photographer _ Passionate Creative!

Hi everyone! My name is Iliana Ike and welcome to my blog where you’ll find everything related to poetry, travel, Sickle Cell Disease, and photography.

I truly am a passionate creative and like to express myself in different forms. Poetry will be a big part of this blog and I hope you will engage in it. Over the years, it has helped me speak about the things dear to my heart and more importantly, to heal!

It is my aim in life to spread awareness about Sickle Cell Disease and educate the world about how this deadly disease truly affects sufferers of this disease in every area of your life. I also want to spread awareness of how this disease could be managed when it is stable but also how to manage the symptoms that may arise when the disease worsens (which is common as you get older). It is also important (and necessary) to draw attention to how the National Health Service (NHS) stereotypes and discriminates against sufferers of SCD, and what to do when this happens. I hope people can learn from my experiences.

I truly hope you enjoy my blog. Do feel free to get in touch either on here, via the contact page or drop me an email insideilianaike@gmail.com

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest on @insideilianaike and I’m also on LinkedIn – check me out, just search for me – Iliana Ike!

Peace and Love xx

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