I am the Iroko tree, find me in the deep depths of the forest, in the tropics of Africa, with air so pure, and roots so rich, feel the spirits that hide within me. I am the Iroko tree, feel my power, with branches of steel, higher than God’s throne. I am the Iroko tree,Continue reading “Iroko-Man”


Let me tell you and let me tell you without any hint of a lie, it’s blood red orange colour dazzles brighter than the most enticing sunset, it gathers and clusters together, like coyotes on a hunt, tongues hanging, searching for prey, simply inseparable, releasing the most intoxicating and exotic of scents, you find yourselfContinue reading “Jollof”


Dressed in her long, fluffy, marshmallow pink dressing gown, she readied herself at her chestnut dressing table, ready to begin. She gathered her thoughts, while perched on her velvet covered stool, preparing her mind for the challenge that laid ahead. Today, was just like any other day for her, but she knew the challenges thatContinue reading “Armour”

Nearly time

Tick Tock Tick Tock There goes the clock The hands of time are ticking Your time is almost up When the clock is over When the hand is past due There’ll be no more laughter There’ll be no more kind words Tick Tock Tick Tock Can you beat the clock? Stop the sun from settingContinue reading “Nearly time”