Free your Mind

Free your mind Let it go Let the toxicity pass you by Breathe it in Breathe it now Breathe the love and joy you have Let it wash right through your soul Take it right into your heart Hold it close Hold it tight Don’t let it change your soul Keep your joy Keep yourContinue reading “Free your Mind”

The Invisible Man

he walks amongst us whispering prayers under his breath, with quick, longing glances to the Lord above. his bony fingers pressed together waiting for the blessing that never comes. he drinks from the cup, as everyone stares. judging eyes bore him down. pushing his sleeves back on his tent-like jumper, he swigs again, at theContinue reading “The Invisible Man”

Nwanyi Oji

Nwanyi Nwanyi Oji her shoulders broad to lift her burden through the blazing sun; with her, she carries her children’s pain and her partner’s struggles nestles there still; those delicate hands, that labour refuses to imprint on; hands always at the ready with those gentle strokes and butterfly kisses, that is needed on your darkestContinue reading “Nwanyi Oji”