Igbo Kwenu

Intricate scarves piled high on women’s heads. Ankara cloths in every colour decorated with lace, silk, and gold embroidery, draped across their bodies. Blood red beads dangled from their necks and wrists in elegant display. Igbo Kwenu. Men grouped together with feathered caps tilted just so on the crowns of their heads. Elders with longContinue reading “Igbo Kwenu”

We are the Freedom Fighters

Bia nga, umuaka. Listen to me, and listen well, to times God saw, before you came. God’s own tears were, felt all day. The air so thick, it could be sliced in half, take a piece, put it in your mouth, taste despair, within our nation. All of us, could taste it there. Smell fleshContinue reading “We are the Freedom Fighters”

Top 5 places to visit after lockdown

When 2020 ended, the world erupted in celebration, as we all thought our living nightmares of restriction, economic downfall, home imprisonment, and fears of death would be wiped out as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. However, at five months into 2021, we are still waiting for life to regain normality. Yes, weContinue reading “Top 5 places to visit after lockdown”


I am the Iroko tree, find me in the deep depths of the forest, in the tropics of Africa, with air so pure, and roots so rich, feel the spirits that hide within me. I am the Iroko tree, feel my power, with branches of steel, higher than God’s throne. I am the Iroko tree,Continue reading “Iroko-Man”


Let me tell you and let me tell you without any hint of a lie, it’s blood red orange colour dazzles brighter than the most enticing sunset, it gathers and clusters together, like coyotes on a hunt, tongues hanging, searching for prey, simply inseparable, releasing the most intoxicating and exotic of scents, you find yourselfContinue reading “Jollof”