Sickle is waking up everyday, knowing that your body will betray you Sickle is feeling ashamed for the defect in your blood Sickle is telling your partner you feel fine, while you ignore the sharp pain radiating in your back, arms and legs Sickle is getting dressed for work, while your body is begging youContinue reading “Sickle”

The Tourist

With one mammoth step forward, he  sidestepped the holes that decorated the uneven path,  and swiftly,   he reached the ageing and rickety bus,  filled with sardine passengers with a mix of  confusion and eagerness in their eyes.  With a heavy tug,  his kitchen-sized luggage lagged  behind him,  stuck in the confines of  here and there.  Another quick heavingContinue reading “The Tourist”

He Said

He said. Your voice flows beautifully like the deep, blue sea. I am captivated by the tone of your voice, and the grammatical way of your language truly inspires me. You clearly, and beautifully speak the Queen’s English you see.   His eyes glaze admiringly over the length of my body and gently, he strokesContinue reading “He Said”

The Secret

I find it hard to tell friends and colleagues, The sombre tale of sickle in my blood. Oh, how I find it hard to wear, That deadly badge with pride. Even though I speak of it, To strangers far and wide, There’s always something that stops me, When I want to shout, Look. Listen. ThisContinue reading “The Secret”