The Bedroom of Love

Before I enter, I could feel it, engulfing me like a duvet on a bitter, winter’s night…from the deep, musky smell of your cologne, a mixture of burnt oak and sweet vanilla notes, that I deeply inhale everytime you are close….from the calming notes of blues and reggae escaping from the stereo on your windowsill,Continue reading “The Bedroom of Love”

why did i lose you?

i remember your cheeky laughter and curly hair and the way it’d dance in the wind your jokes were bad but i always grinned then why tell me why did i lose you for you are a treasure if only i knew if only my stubbornness would melt away your tight embrace would make thingsContinue reading “why did i lose you?”

Nearly time

Tick Tock Tick Tock There goes the clock The hands of time are ticking Your time is almost up When the clock is over When the hand is past due There’ll be no more laughter There’ll be no more kind words Tick Tock Tick Tock Can you beat the clock? Stop the sun from settingContinue reading “Nearly time”

Free your Mind

Free your mind Let it go Let the toxicity pass you by Breathe it in Breathe it now Breathe the love and joy you have Let it wash right through your soul Take it right into your heart Hold it close Hold it tight Don’t let it change your soul Keep your joy Keep yourContinue reading “Free your Mind”