A Preventable Death

It’s been a long time coming but Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is finally being discussed on mainstream media, and awareness of this chronic and life-threatening disease is finally being aired.  At the outbreak of the pandemic last year, a spotlight was finally shone on the effects and seriousness of SCD, for the 15,000 people thatContinue reading “A Preventable Death”


Sickle is waking up everyday, knowing that your body will betray you Sickle is feeling ashamed for the defect in your blood Sickle is telling your partner you feel fine, while you ignore the sharp pain radiating in your back, arms and legs Sickle is getting dressed for work, while your body is begging youContinue reading “Sickle”

The Secret

I find it hard to tell friends and colleagues, The sombre tale of sickle in my blood. Oh, how I find it hard to wear, That deadly badge with pride. Even though I speak of it, To strangers far and wide, There’s always something that stops me, When I want to shout, Look. Listen. ThisContinue reading “The Secret”

Dear Sickle Cell

Dear Sickle Cell,   They tell me stories about you, About the restraints you have in my life. They tell me stories about you, About the pain that you will cause. I listen to these stories, And feel the clutch that you have, But what they didn’t tell me Is what affects me most.  Continue reading “Dear Sickle Cell”

Will the real Sickle Cell please stand up?

We all know that we don’t talk about Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) enough but when we do talk about sickle cell, we normally talk about Sickle Cell Trait (when you are a carrier) or Sickle Cell Anaemia (the full-blown disease). What if I told you that there are different forms of sickle cell? Would youContinue reading “Will the real Sickle Cell please stand up?”

Unspeakable: A Poem

They call out their cheery morning greetings, with its usual musical whim, which harshly pierces my eardrums, as I groggily enter the kitchen. The musical notes and smiles do miss me, as my feet clomp the creaks of the tiled, kitchen floor. A quick open of the fridge door, with deep sorrow in my heart,Continue reading “Unspeakable: A Poem”

Let’s start at the beginning…

For months, I researched, read, and absorbed posts, articles, and blogs from men and women with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). Enthralled, I looked on, as simultaneously, they told their stories, and spread awareness about SCD, determined to continue fighting this cruel disease. I saw posts, blogs, and videos that showed them fighting their deadly disease,Continue reading “Let’s start at the beginning…”

Sickle Cell Disease: An Introduction

Just two short days ago, it was World Sickle Cell Awareness Day, and with great joy, I saw a lot of posts and videos on social media, trying to educate the world about what Sickle Cell Disease is and the effects this deadly disease has on sufferers of this disease. As well as educating theContinue reading “Sickle Cell Disease: An Introduction”

What do you really know about Sickle Cell Disease?

Ahead of Sickle Cell Awareness Day on Friday 19th June 2020 (don’t forget to wear red to commemorate the day), I wanted to spread some awareness of some facts and general information about Sickle Cell Disease, for people with or without the disease. Knowing key information about Sickle Cell Disease is the first step toContinue reading “What do you really know about Sickle Cell Disease?”